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There will be times when you will need to get something entirely in focus. Focus stacking is a powerful technique for achieving super-sharp details throughout the image. Think of an insect during macro photography. You want every tiny leg and the details of the wings to all be sharp. This article will show you how to use focus stacking for […]

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Playing with perspective is important when it comes to telling a story through photography. One way to play with perspective in your shots: Get down on the ground. Whether it’s a water bird or a colorful crab, whether it’s one subject or three, hitting the floor often leads to more interesting shots. Watch this video for a more in-depth explanation […]

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Aperture, shutter speed, and lens focal length are some of the most basic—but also the most powerful—tools we have as photographers to get creative and make interesting, artistic storytelling pictures. In this Tech Tip, photographer and director Corey Rich shows a quick, easy tip that anyone can quickly master for using your shutter speed to get original and create a […]

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