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Dj Vinyl

Dj Vinyl

Dj Vinyl was born in Athens, in 1981. As a teenager, he started deejaying in small clubs and cafés, while later he turned especially to the hip-hop deejaying and turntablism.

In the years 1995-96, when the hip-hop music stream was gaining more and more fans, he grouped the “R.P.S.”. After testing various compositions, in 1997 the group got its final form and was named “A.K.R.A”. Dj Vinyl was one of the two producers and also the Dj of the group. A.K.R.A participated in discographic productions as well as in live performances, in many music stages, in Athens and other cities.

At the same time, he was a radio producer at the Status FM, playing Jazz and Blues.

In the next years, Dj Vinyl was deejaying in the concerts of Razastarr, Frontal Attack and Deadlock. In May 2003, he performed live with Deadlock supporting the British hip-hop group PHI – LIFE CYPHER at the AN club, while in June Deadlock and Dj Vinyl went on as the support group in the live concert of PUBLIC ENEMY at ARK. The day after the concert, Dj Vinyl had the dj set opening.In May 2004, he performed live with Deadlock supporting DELINQUENT HABITS, at the RODON club.

In 2005 Dj Vinyl and other eminent musicians created the MIND THE JAM band. Throughout the winter season, they were giving live performances at the DE LUXE club, playing Jazz, Funk, Soul and Reggae versions, their own songs or even extemporizations.

In 2007 Dj Vinyl & Psi (Frontal Attack) performed live supporting Swollen Members and Gza, at the Fuzz club, while, at the same time he was showing as a hip-hop dj in various clubs ( i.e. Graffiti, MAD, MIRROR and CLUB 22).

In July 2008, he performed live deejaying and supporting Foivos Delivorias and Locomondo, at the “Funky Cupid’s Summer Festival”, in Athens. In the same year, he took part in the Nikos Skarentzos’ music film for the Greek Hip-Hop entitled “Hip-Hop Rhythms and Rhymes”.

In 2008, after ten years in discography and performances with Deadlock and Razastarr, Dj Vinyl decided to leave music activity.

In June 2010, and after two years of distancing, bestirs himself participating in the Hip-Hope movement, members of which are, among others, Taraxias and Psi (Frontal Attack).


  • A.K.R.A-MES STA KOLPA (2000) (EP)
  • FRONTAL ATTACK-Ψ (2000) (LP)
  • ECHOKRATORIA PRESENTS-Collection-Participating with A.K.R.A (2000) (VA)
  • LIVE HIP-HOP-Collection-Participating with A.K.R.A, Razastarr, Frontal Attack. (2001) (VA)
  • NEA TAKSI PRAGMATON (NTP)- ERTHE I STIGMI NA EPIVLITHEI-Scratches in “Emeis san N.T.P.” (2004) (LP)
  • RED-PROJECT ONE/FIRST PRODUCTION- Scratches in Nunka (2004) (LP)
  • ODYSSEAS (Razastarr)-APO TO MIDEN STO EIMAI (2005) (LP)
  • ONE PEOPLE-Collection (2005) (VA)
  • HIP-HOP CULTURE-Collection-Participating with Nicolas (Razastarr).(2006) (VA)
  • HIP-HOP-Collection-Participating with Deadlock (2006) (VA)
  • NICOLAS (Razastarr)-EN CHRONO (2007) (LP)
  • TARAXIAS – Vasano kai Valsamo
  • Psi 
  • RG – Μαύρη Αρμάδα

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